Warm or Cool - What Hue are You??

You know those days when you put on your favourite dress and all day people say you "look tired" or worse still - you "look sick"! You just cant think why, but actually when you look in the mirror, despite your gorgeous dress, you know something isn't quite right.?

It's probably because even though you know you look great in say, pink  you may have chosen the wrong shade of pink to highlight your features and the colour is making you look like you are one foot away from the grave.

Then there are those days when people comment on how fabulous you look, ask you 'have you just been on holidays'? Those are the days when you have chosen the right shade for your colouring.

How do we determine which are the right and which are the wrong tones for us?


................it's all about the colour wheel and defining cool and warm tones.

Colours can be described as having a yellow or blue undertone and the right colour will help make you look fabulous and build self esteem and at Chic Image , that's what we are all about.

- blue - red ( burgundy) or yellow- red ( tomato red)

- blue - green ( pine green) or yellow - green ( moss green)

We refer to blue undertones Cool and Warm undertones as yellow

It's not just about which colour suits you- it's about which tone of colour suits you

It's not just about which colour suits you- it's about which tone of colour suits you


  • Warm colours - look for (golden yellow or orange tone)
    Peach, Coral, Salmon, Orange, Rust, Terracotta, Orange/Tomato Red, Moss

    Green, Lime Green, Golden Yellow, Mustard

  • Cool colours (look for a blue or rose tone)

    Rose Pink, Fuchsia, Magenta, Lavender, Royal Blue, Plum, Burgundy, Maroon, Blue Reds, Aubergine, Pine Green, Emerald Green 

  • Cool neutrals

    Black, Navy, Grey, White Warm neutrals

    Brown, Navy, Camel, Cream, and Olive Universal neutrals

    Stone, Taupe, Pewter, Ivory, winter white (off white)
    Universal neutrals will make most people look ok. They will not look hideous

    with an universal neutral 

Which shade of natural is best for you??

The rules of warm v's cool are not only important when choosing your outfits but also your make- up, foundation, lipsticks and eye colours. Oh, and don't forget - either gold or silver jewellery will suit you better depending on whether you are warm or cool.

Don't forget - this is more than just about how we look- it's about how we feel about ourselves and how others perceive us. Studies show that wearing the right colours can impact our moods and those around us.

Is this all sounding interesting, but waaaayyyyyyy tooooooo complicated??? 

Would you love to take the guess work out of looking younger and knowing what colours suit you?

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