chic body, mind, clothes

I have a theory. 

And that is, to be truly balanced we need to place equal importance on all things body, mind and clothes.

I know you might be saying body and mind - absolutely!, but clothes??

Well here is the thing - we live in a visual world and like it or not we are judged (and we judge) people ( and ourselves) based on appearance. So, if we look at clothing and fashion just on face value we could say that it could be perceived as frivolous and shallow. However, I think it actually goes deeper than that. What we wear can and does have a direct impact on how we feel about ourselves, our confidence and our self esteem. It also directly impacts other people's perception of us. 

I had the great fortune this week to speak to a group of women on just that subject. We discussed the impact of colour choices on our moods , body shapes, how to dress them, the correlation between our clothing and how we feel about ourselves (how many times a day do we look in a mirror and are pleased with the result?) Actually Huffington Post put out an article describing a survey conducted by Simple Skin care which resulted in findings that we look in the mirror on average 8 times per day! That's 8 times a day we can tell ourselves how fabulous we are or 8 times a day we can be self destructive with our own criticsm. We are our own worst critic and readily tell ourselves we have droopy skin, bad hair, fat thighs or hate the tops of our arms. Sound familiar?? Come on girls it's time to make the effort to put sticky notes on our mirrors to remind us that we are good enough, to be thankful that despite our thighs not being the perfect shape (whatever perfect is) they allow us to walk around, and despite our arms not being as firm as they once were, they allow us to hug those we love. It's all about switching how we speak to ourselves - we can choose positive thoughts or negative ones - it becomes a habit, which can be broken. So make the effort to give thanks for our perhaps rounding, not as great as they were in our 20's bodies, because our bodies allow us to walk, talk, see and hear. It's just sometimes we forget this great miracle we walk around in everyday because we can be so quick to judge it.

Want to boost your (or the person you are with) mood? Wear yellow- it is the colour of joy and happiness.

A Night at the Emmys

A Night at the Emmys

Also this week I had the absolute honour to attend a Mindfulness Workshop with the fabulous Kate Mathers - one of Australia's leading mindfulness trainers.

Her company, aptly named Balance - Life, offers Mindfulness courses to bring back the balance we loose in our busy lives. It's about reducing stress, being present and living with ease. Sounds great doesn't it?

Are you feeling stressed, overloaded, tired, unbalanced, fractious,constantly connected to devices, unwell, exhausted? Mindfulness maybe the answer. Mindfulness is the practice of paying attention on purpose (have you ever driven from point A to point B and not remembered the journey?) Mindfulness training improves lives and can transform relationships with others and ourselves.

Log onto Kate's website to learn more about this transformational training for you and your organisation.

Ok, so we have covered Mind, Clothes and now we are up to body.

I really love how when these 3 components are integrated into our lives , it really does help to lead a much more balanced, contented existence.

So of course body comes down to what we eat, drink and our level of exercise.

Michele Hedge from A Healthy View runs programs for Cleansing at Home and Low Sugar Lifestyle. Feeling tired, bloated, unhappy ? It may be all in your food she says. Check out her programs on her website to discover how healthy eating can change your life.

So as you can see this is my theory (and my passion). We do need to place equal importance on our mind (what we think), our body (what we eat) and our image (what we wear) as the combination of all these things go toward creating your chic image.

Lets look at this scenario - you spend all day every day practicing mindfulness techniques BUT you eat poorly and take no pride in your appearance - this is unbalanced.

Equally, exercise is very healthy if done in moderation, however exercise all day and it becomes unhealthy especially if you spend your time telling yourself negative thoughts and spending the rest of the day in a slobby outfit.

And from an image perspective, if you spend your time obsessing over how you look you become narcissistic, or if you become a label junkie or buy clothes to elevate yourself against your friends- this too is as unbalanced as spending time on your appearance but being gossipy or nasty about others and yourself.

As with everything in life it's all about balance, moderation and awareness.

Want to learn more - check out my book A - Z of a Chic Image available on my website or simply email me for your copy. x

Have a chic week

Luv Lib x