chic beauty with Carl Kapp

A friend once asked me why I loved fashion so much - great question. Easy answer. Firstly, I love how fashion can transform how we feel about ourselves and secondly, I love the beauty in the designs, the creativity, the use of fabrics. Fortunately my friend was an art lover so I could liken the beauty of a garment to a painting. Artists start with a blank canvas and build colours and textures until they get the finished result - whether we are an understander of art or not ( I am not, but I know when I like something) we all know when we see a painting and we are moved by it's beauty and the skill of the finished result.

It's the same with fashion , some garments are nice, some are not and then sometimes you can be so moved by a collection that it takes your breath away. That happened to me today when I saw the Carl Kapp collection. OMG!!! Swooooooon. The design, the detail, the fabrication and most importantly the execution of these garments almost made me faint!!

If you have ever tried sewing you will know the possibility of your finished garments not being worthy of your 1960's Barbie doll. To know what it takes to make the end result of a garment , to understand the skill of an excellent pattern maker , construction and finish, selection of luxurious fabrics is to know the beauty of a garment that makes you feel like you can take on the world.

These will be garments will last the test of time in your wardrobe - such is their beauty.

Carl Kapp is available on line,, in David Jones and his boutiques in Paddington and MLC Centre.

Have a chic week


Luv Lib x