more chic New Year New You

As we are still in January thought I would continue the theme of New Year New You.

Last week we talked about booking into My Family Wellness Low Sugar Lifestyle Program with Michele Hedge

Continuing the theme , this week we discuss make up. Have you been doing your make up the same way for years? Did you know that certain colours and applications can actually make you look older? Do you know how to choose the correct foundation for your skin type? Have you lost confidence applying your make up so you don't wear any?? 

Make up is a great way to enhance our natural features, help make us look youthful and attractive and is a great boost to our personal self esteem and keep us current rather than stuck in a time warp.

Chelsea Randall is an amazing make up artist now offering tutorials on You Tube - check out her latest clip. Not only does she brilliantly show how to apply make up but she discusses the science behind the products and why they work for some skins and not for others.

Have fun experimenting and have a chic week

Luv Lib