Chic Body Shapes

Thought I would share a Chic Image Tip from the A-Z of a Chic Image - out in Nov x

One of the most important aspects of dressing, is to discover your body shape and then learn the best ways to dress for it. For example, a pear shape (bigger in the hips than the shoulders) will look great in an empire line dress, boat necks and fuller skirts. An apple shape - similar measurements in hips and shoulders with no true waist definition, will look great in shorter dresses (apples usually have great legs), crop jackets and fitted tops.The addition of a belt will help to identify your waist. If you are an inverted triangle i.e your shoulders are wider than your hips, full skirts, v necks and pleat front trousers teamed with slim fitting tops will be best for you. An hour glass will look great in most garments and a column- straight up and down figure will look great in flared skirts, wide shoulder tops, belts and knee length rather than maxi dresses.