clothes maketh the man ( and woman)

So said William Shakespeare.

And it seems he knew what he was talking about.

Magazines and TV shows have led us to believe that fashion is frivilos and superficial, taken in the wrong context it can be.

My philosophy behind Chic Image is that it's not just about what you wear, it's about how clothes make you feel. Clothes can immediately increase or decrease your self esteem and confidence. This was made so evident to me this week at The Style Studio. Chic Image offered a selection of beautiful garments, complementary styling advice and the opportunity for clients to try "new looks", which so many of you tried. It was exciting and very moving to see the instant transformations- inside and out!

The take away quote from the whole week was " I never knew I could look like this- I feel amazing!!!"

I spend hours in Image Presentation talks sharing with women that it's more than ok to look good, it's absolutely necessary for our well being! "When we look good, we feel good" It's not about being narcistic , it's about feeling confident and fabulous.

Equally we need to be balanced in body, mind and soul, so it is important to balance how we look, with how we nourish ourselves with food and positive thoughts and your choice of spiritual connection with oursleves and a greater being.

So, I guess taken on it's own, fashion can be thought of as empty and shallow but when we team it with a balanced life it can transform the way we view ourselves and the way others percieve us.

A study at Northwestern University discovered that when Psych students wore a white medical coat not only did the "patients" view them as more capable but the wearer felt more confident in giving advice.

It's been well-established—in the scientific literature and real life—that what we wear affects how others perceive us. Women who wear more masculine clothes to an interview (such as a dress suit) are more likely to be hired. People dressed conservatively are perceived as self-controlled and reliable, while those wearing more daring clothing are viewed as more attractive and individualistic.

This new study contributes to a growing field known as "embodiedcognition"—the idea that we think with not only our brains, but with our physical experiences. Including, it seems, the clothes we're wearing.  Adam, H., & Galinsky, A. (2012). Enclothed cognition Journal of Experimental Social Psychology DOI: 10.1016/j.jesp.2012.02.008

 Chic Image Tip - Be kind to yourself, think and say kind things to yourself, wear the nice dress- (don"t save it for best) Put on some lippy and high heels and feel fabulous. Give your self permission to look and feel your very best. xxxx 

Have a Chic Week

Libby xx