Nips and tucks ......... the chic way

No, it's not what you are thinking. We're not talking about the nip and tick of the face but something waaayyyyyyyy more necessary...... nip and tucking of your wardrobe pieces.

It's a rare day when you buy a garment form the store and it can't be enhanced with a little trip to the alterations guru for a nip and tuck.

Ask yourself, are my sleeves at the right length or do they look like you have borrowed your dad's jacket?


Often when doing a Wardrobe Detox, I will suggest to my client that we "shop in her wardrobe" It's amazing what a new set of eyes can reveal. Have a look at some of your skirts and dresses and see if they could be revamped with a new hem length.

Go from drab to fab with the snip of the scissors!


The same goes for your waist - a properly tailored waist on a jacket, dress or shirt can have the appearance of not only losing a few kilos, but the impression of chic style.

And now, drum roll please............... for the ultimate in having your garments look uber fabulous invest in shape wear. OMG!! You will not believe the smooth and sleek effect these clever little garments can have.

My favourites are from Intimo ( they help make your garments look fabulous AND you can still breathe)!!

Chic Tip:- add a trip to your alterations guru for uber chic style

Have a chic week


Luv Lib x