Mindfulness is Chic

Mindfulness...... we hear it all the time but are we actually living a mindful life?

Do you feel like you are going through life wayyyyyy toooo fast??

Through yoga, meditation and mindfulness courses we can live a more harmonious life more in the moment, with less stress and more ease. Doesn't that sound chic!!!

One of the best courses I have done was a weekend Mindfulness Course with my friend Kate Mathers.

Kate has been delivering mindfulness courses for years and is highly trained.

I am excited to be attending her next course at Mosman Village Yoga in September

The MBSR course is for anyone wanting to reduce work, family, or relationship stress, and has been clinically proven to alleviate a wide range of conditions including stress and anxiety, chronic pain, depression, sleep disturbance, psoriasis, hypertension and more.  There is now solid scientific evidence that mindfulness meditation training can change brain structure in just 8 weeks.  

Check out more details on her website www.balance-life.org or contact Kate at kate@balance-life.org

Kate Mathers MBSR teacher

Kate Mathers MBSR teacher

Have a chic week, and don't forget , if you haven't booked in for The Style Studio next week, we still have a few appointments available- contact me at info@chicimagesydney.com.au

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