Chic Evening with Jane Goodall

As I went to write this blog I looked at the name - Style File and knowing what I was about to write made me realise that to be chic and stylish we need to be focused on much more than just how we look.

Don't get me wrong- I LOVE a pretty frock, or a great pair of shoes BUT I love more the psychology of dressing- the concept of how clothes can impact how we feel about ourselves.

But today's blog is not about fashion- it's about one of the most stylish women, the most chic woman of our modern day - Jane Goodall

Last night I had the privilege to be invited to hear her speak - what an invitation!! To be in the same room as the woman I have admired all my life was a dream come true. Thank you to my gorgeous friend who organised the tickets.

The beautiful  Jane Goodall and her friend

The beautiful  Jane Goodall and her friend


From the days of being a little girl and watching the African and Indian Jungles come alive through the magic of Walt Disney with The Jungle Book, Bambi, Lion King the movies and shows, Born Free, Tarzan, Clarence the Cross eyed Lion, Daktari, Out of Africa, the list goes on - I can hear some of you also remembering these shows from our childhood.

I don't know about you, but I had NO idea where Africa the dark continent was but I knew I wanted to go there. 

Anyway I am digressing- if you don't know about Jane Goodall - google her, read her books, her stories about the incredible legacy she has left on the world and the absolutley amazing story of her life and the study of chimpanzees. The things we have learnt from this amazing woman are life changing. For example, her observation that chimps made tools turned the scientific world on it's head. They believed man was defined and supreme by the fact that he was the only species to make tools. Her observation lead them to change thier beliefs.

Take a minute to watch the below video - it might just change your life xxx

Take a minute to watch the below video - it might just change your life xxx

There are so many messages we can learn from such a woman but the one I would like to share  with you is her message of sustainability and what small measures we can do to make change. This not only helps the planet and those who live here but more importantly it helps those who cannot speak- our closest relatives. Did you know we share 98% of the same DNA as Chimps, and Orangutans !!!

She said "if we think Globally the problems are too big , however if we think in our homes, in our backyards and start with something small - together we can make change. 

So I started thinking......... 10 years ago when I became aware of Borneo Orangutan Survival Org- I discovered that deforistation was occuring due to the growing of palm oil. So I stopped using as many palm oil products as possible, then life got in the way and I forgot. Today I re-start.

I found out last night that Palm Oil is now also being farmed in Africa not just Indonesia which means further deforestation and further reduction of the habitat for all animals.



Palm Oil is a NO NO !

Palm Oil is a NO NO !

So todays chic message is, what small changes can we all make - starting today to help make the world a better place?  Here are some suggestions

- read labels and make sure the product does not contain palm oil - here is a quick test . If the product contains more than 50% saturated fat then it probably contains palm oil.

- go to to learn more about Palm Oil

- switch to using Earth products for laundry and kitchen

- stop buying bottled water - use your own water bottle

- choose cosmetics which are cruelty free

-instead of buying gifts for a friend adopt an orang-utan or Chimp go to the BOS website or

-volunteer somewhere, anywhere or join an organisation such as the Jane Goodall Institute

- don't think that " I am too small to make a difference" because if we all join together we can make change.

- stop buying fur- 


We, as women are passionate and together we can make change - lets join hands and do something which will leave a legacy, small or large and help make the world a better place

Now that's chic!

Luv Lib x