Wardrobe Detox - the Chic Image Way

Winter is on it's way ...... and so is the notion of a Detox. Actually in my yoga class this morning my teacher summed it up beautifully- as winter approaches it's time to have a more hibernating quality than we have in summer. Spending more time in doors, nesting and spending time with family- thought that was very nice.

So to start our hibernation , we can clean out our dens with a Wardrobe Detox.

Before Detox

Before Detox

We all know the benefits of a Nutritional Detox - to cleanse the system, to fight premature ageing, weight loss, to improve skin quality, for improved energy, plus a whole lot more , but have you thought about the benefits of a Wardrobe Detox?

Did you know that we wear 80% of our clothing only 20% of the time?

Did you know that a cluttered wardrobe leads to a cluttered mind?

Do you have lots of clothes in your wardrobe but nothing to wear?

Do you have un worn clothing in your wardrobe with the tags still on?

Did you know that a lot of the clothing we can't throw out is because there is an emotional reason attached to it?

If you answered yes to just one of the questions- it's time for a Wardrobe Detox

If you love the sound of an organised and cleansed wardrobe, but this sounds waaaayyyyy to daunting- contact me to have the Wardrobe you have always wanted. info@chicimagesydney.com.au

Your clothes can represent a time when you were "at your happiest" , when you were "at your ideal weight", when you "were younger". They can be the physical reminders of many memories, and letting go can be difficult.

A cluttered, bulging, disorganised wardrobe can turn even the simplest of early morning tasks- that of getting dressed, into a true nightmare, filled with stress, apprehension and yes , sometimes tears!

So here are my 5 Chic Image Tips on how to Detox your Wardrobe.

1. be emotionally ready - if you don't trust yourself to be ruthless, phone  a friend, or better still call in the experts 

2. have 4 bags. One for Charity, one for giveaways, one for alterations and one for dry cleaning

3. have paper towels and a vacuum ready to clean out dust etc

4. Pre Purchase nice hangers to replace all the yukky wire ones which look ugly and ruin your clothes

5. Set aside at least 2 hours

Now you are ready to start. Start slowly and break it down.

Start with your tops , then move onto pants, skirts etc.

Pull out all your tops and put them back one by one- if you haven't worn it for 12 months - in the giveaway/charity bag it goes. If it is marked or needs taking up, it's into the other bags.

When I do a Wardrobe Detox for a client I like to hang all like garments together and colour block them, starting with white and moving through the colour spectrum to black. It's much easier to find what you are looking for and your wardrobe looks more organised

After Detox 

After Detox 

I also like to show my clients how to "shop in your wardrobe" Rediscovering ways to wear items you already have with the addition of a belt, a shorter hem or co ordinating with other garments, to give you a whole new look.

Speaking of shopping, we also compile a shopping list which lists pieces which your wardrobe needs to make it more functional. 

Hope you enjoy these tips to get ready for your Winter Hibernation

Have a chic week........


Luv LIb x