chic lesson...........

Last week I caught up with a friend for coffee, there was a breakdown causing the traffic to be slower that usual which in turn made her late. When she rang to let me know, I wasn't angry but my immediate thought was, "I could have used that 20 minutes catching up on emails, making calls DOING something. But something fabulous came over me and instead of DOING something I simply ordered my tea and sat, consciously not checking emails or texts but just sat and watched the people and enjoyed the sunshine. 

I decided to BE rather than DO

What a gift my friend gave me.


Not time to do something but time to be something- "still".

She doesn't  even know the gift and Little Act of Kindness she bestowed on me - (though she will now after reading this)

Anyway......... I just thought I would share the chic-ness of doing nothing and to know that generally there is a good side in any situation, we just have to look for it.


One of my favourite sayings is from the movie LA Story - "Sometimes miracles happen, it's just that we are slow to recognise them"

We can never truly know the reach of our kindness but it sure is worth giving it a go


Have a chic day.....

Luv Lib x