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Did you know that you can change the "perception" of your body shape by selecting certain styles?

For example, a v neck line will make you look taller and slimmer and if you have a larger bust will make the girls appear smaller.

If you are a pear shape with wider hips than your shoulders, wearing tops with wide shoulders will draw your eyes outward and balance out your hips.

An apple shape has little or no definition around the waist, so wearing a jacket, dress or shirt which is cinched in at the waist will create the illusion of a waist and balance out your torso. Apples usually have great legs so wearing shorter hem lengths is a good idea.

Have a look at this model wearing beautiful Camilla swim suits. Same body however the shape on the right makes her look hippy and flattens out her boobs. It also makes her look a little larger in the waist.

So when shopping remember the tips for dressing for your body shape.

Not sure what they are?? Book in for a Dressing for Your Body Shape session with me - bring a few friends and enjoy a catch up, some bubbly while discovering the tricks of the trade.

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