Soul Sessions, Green Juice and Turning 50

So this week, like most weeks was pretty chic. I was reminded of a quote from a fabulous movie " LA Story", miracles happen, it's just sometimes we are slow to recognise them.

I love this quote and the movie because it helps me remember that there really is good stuff all around us we just have to take the time to look.

Yesterday I spent the afternoon at a small, yet amazing event run by Eloise King from Soul Sessions.  Soul Sessions offers people the opportunity to learn how to re connect with them selves, to find peace in an often un-peaceful world and have an awesome, connected life. Eloise is a beautiful warm spirit, with a vision of supporting others and bringing like minded people together. I just LOVE the power of women( sorry to the men out there- they are pretty good , but when a woman sets her mind to something - it can be powerful, and get a group of women in one room- look out!!!

Anyway........ yesterdays session was about the teachings of the Buddha and how Buddhism can relate to our Western Life. 

We met an amazing man who became a monk and is now a Somatic Psychotherapist- check out his website at ( he is the one in the centre of the photo below)

He had so many beautiful messages , I thought I would share a few with you.

"We go so fast in our lives that we often feel disconnected, if we stop and simply breathe we can start to re connect"

"Like throwing a stone into the water which creates ripples, we are all connected. Every action, every word creates ripples and creates cause and effect which essentially is Karma. So it's important to Do More Good and Take Responsibility for all that we do.

We also met the amazing, very fashionable and very chic, Jenny Kee- WOW!!! what a life story she has. She turned to Buddhism after a life crisis. She shared her story, her transformation, her love of the earth and her chic new scarf collection with us. Absolutely AMAZING and so inspiring.

Check out - there might just be something there that you are looking for xx

Eloise , Dorje and Jenny Kee

Eloise , Dorje and Jenny Kee

You might wonder what all this has to do with having a chic image? Well, here is the thing- I believe that having a chic image is about being in balance. Balance of body, mind and soul. When we feel disharmony, it is because one element of our lives is out of balance.  Yes, it is absolutely important to look our very best , by wearing clothes which suit us and reflect who we are and how we feel about ourselves but we must also pay as much attention to having beautiful thoughts, saying kind things and nourishing yourself with quiet time and good foods. 

Which leads me onto Chic Green Juice mmmmmmm yummy !!!

Not that I am by any means a nutritionist ( however you could double check with Sydney's leading Nutritionist - Michele Chevally Hedge, at www.ahealthy ( PS - she has just written "Sugar For Dummies" - it's awesome , pick one up and have a read - this will change your life! Anyway........... back to the green stuff

Here is my feel good , start the day right recipe for GREEN JUICE

handful of Kale, handful of spinach, 1 lemon, bunch of flat leaf parsley, bunch of mint and a bit of water depending on how thick you like it. Put it all in the Thermomix ( ooohhhh boy- here is another tip, if you don't have one of these, maybe it's time to start the new year a fresh ( no pun intended) I LOVE my Thermomix , use it every day and has brought back fun into meal preparation. It's awesome - call the Thermomix Queen ,Trudy Frolich on 9417 6978 to have a look. You wont be disappointed xxx

Good Morning Green Juice 

Good Morning Green Juice 

Fifty, Fifty Fifty hhhhhmmmm I wonder who turned 50 this week??


YEP, it was meeeeeee and hasn't it been fun! Very chic lunches with girlfriends , precious time with family and most importantly a time to reflect. Reflect on how to look after myself, what to wear - now that we are fifty, and how to create balance with family, friends and work.

By the way, don't think that all this stuff I write happens everyday- my world is spooky far from perfect, I just try to make it a little more harmonious- but boy oh boy sometimes I forget and my life is less than chic! 


I was thinking though, how different we are at 50 than our mothers of one generation ago. I think we are lucky that there are no hard and fast rules of how to dress and that we have more freedom to dress the way we want, not sensibly if we don't want- it's ok to wear Carla, Sportscraft, Witchery or Sass and Bide. No longer are labels the domain of age groups- it'a about the style, dressing for your body shape and reflecting who you are. 

Here are some lovely women, mostly celebrities who have had a "bit" of work but still dressing with colour, for their age and great hair colour and style. What's that?? They all have stylists I hear you say- well you can to. 4 Hours with a Chic image Styling Package will have you transformed with new hair style, new hair colour , new make up and a new look- what a excellent gift to yourself ( or a friend) and a fabulous way to start the new year - You could even choose a Chic Image Chauffeur Driven Shopping Tour with you and 4 friends- email me to find out more


Hope you are enjoying the chic image blogs- I would love to hear back from you , especially if you have any "fashion crisis questions", or even if you just love the blog. If you are enjoying it, please feel free to share the chic ness with your friends.

Have a chic week,

Luv Lib x