chic resolutions

As 2013 draws to a close, I am thinking about my New Years Resolutions. 

It led me to think about what was important in my life and what having a "chic image" is really all about, how it relates to my resolutions and the philosophy behind Chic Image. 

So here it is:- Being chic means to me:- being balanced in all areas of life, mind, body and spirit.


Be kind- the Dalai Lama says Be kind wherever possible - it is always possible.

Be thankful

Say thank you

Be grateful

Think nice thoughts, say nice things


Let your clothes reflect who you are, not the latest or the best

Ensure your clothes create an element of confidence and a suggestion that you care about yourself and that you can be bothered to make a little effort

Dress to suit your age, budget and body shape

Eat well and Nourish yourself




Take time to hang out with yourself, no computers, no music, no books, just you.

Read inspirational stories

Hang out with like minded people who feed your soul


Laugh - it's good for the soul

Happy New Year to Everyone and may 2014 be happy, healthy and chic xx