Beauty without Bunnies

I have just been thinking about Xmas and Xmas Gifts, and why it is that we get sooooooo excited to receive a gift from a company such as Chanel, MAC or Lancome, yet receiving a gift from a beauty company such as Nutri Metics, Arbonne or  Alchemy  may seem a bit naff? 

Well, we all know the answer - it's the power of advertising. We all fall into the trap of getting caught up in the beauty of the ads , aspiring to the beautiful images, the people, the lifestyle, the glamour. Are we any better human beings because we have a lipgloss with a Double C on the end- actually, when we delve into the ingredients and it's testing we are far from it.

If someone can tell me what is glamorous about harming a defenceless animal, especially when there are other options, then I am all ears- and all in the name of beauty.

Did you know that Chanel, Mac and Lancome ( amongst many others) ALL test their products on animals and ALL use chemicals. 

My question is why don't advertsing companies make it sexy and aspirational to purchase products where NO animal has been harmed, and NO chemicals have been used?

As consumers we often blindly follow the advertised products without stopping to think what the products contain , or whether animals or humans have been harmed.

Consumer watchdog, CHOICE led an undercover investigation in AUSTRALIA. The results of the undercover investigation were released today. Animal testing is not 'spraying perfume on a bunny to see how it smells before hitting the market'. Animal testing includes poisoning, burning and other forms of torture inflicted upon these animals. 

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For most of us going through our skin care and cosmetic cupboards can be like reading a list from a science lab. Imagine......... our largest organ is our skin and we are just lathering it with chemicals.

With all this in mind this year Chic Image is introducing Skin Care and Make Up Classes and Seminars, using Arbonne. A luxury Swiss Brand formulated by the same scientists as La Prairie. 

Unashamedly, I say these products are sold via the best method possible. i.e in the comfort of your own home- how easy is that- there is no hard sell, just the opportunity for you , your friends and family to be able to hear ALL about the product, try it for yourself, buy it if you want, but most importantly for you to be given the information so that you can make your own mind up based on what you will learn.

2014 is the year to make conscious purchases and in this day of I.T- that information is just a computer away.

I would be delighted to provide you with the opportunity to try these amazing products perhaps you and your family, you and your friends or a Mother Daughter get together. 

I have a few dates left in March , and would be so happy to pop over to go through what the benefits of using these products can be.

Perhaps you suffer from dermatitis, acne, teen acne, would like to know how to do a 5 minute make up, and or you just want to do the ethical thing and choose products which are safe and beneficial for you and your family.

For anyone who would like to organise a little get together there are wonderful and extensive thank you gifts( ie FREE products). But the biggest thank you will be from your skin and your family- it's the healthy way.

It's a really nice way to spend an afternoon with a few mum's and their daughters.

I know most of you will be doing some type of food detox- well think of this as an additional chemical detox- I PROMISE you will love these beautiful products and what they can do for you.

My favourites are the Instant Lift Gel- not kidding when I say your eyelids lift right before your very eyes, the Anti Ageing Range ( amazing!!) and the Genius Re- Surfacing Pads- this is a multi tasking product which is revolutionising the skin care market. Seriously, you need to see this to believe it xx

Luv Lib xxx

Bunny savers of the world unite , email me now to book in your preferred time