Shoe Love - a Cinderella Story

There is nothing like a fab pair of shoes to add instant confidence and sex appeal.

During a recent Personal Shopping Trip, I spied these gorgeous Giuseppe Zanotti Suede T Bars, encrusted with crystals available at David Jones $1189. I know....... you are thinking that is sooooooo expensive, however if you add up the price of the shoes in your shoe wardrobe which you hardly wear, I am sure you will find they add up to more than these. My tip - "buy less, but buy better." You will not regret owning these shoes.  Why ?

1. Comfort -The T Bar provides comfort, by holding your foot in. The heel height is not too high , so you will be able to walk in them !! Go Figure a pair of shoes you can actually walk in !! Genius!!

2.Versatility :They will dress up any outfit and take any day look straight into instant evening glam

3. Sexy : We all love to feel a little bit fabulous, a little bit sexy - 

Giuseppe Zanotte at

Giuseppe Zanotte at